Defensive Tactics for Professionals
Defensive Tactics for Professionals

The DT PRO program consists of the following components:

•Learn to identify vulnerable areas of the body for
impact that will control an attacker and defuse the attack.

•Learn how to use personal weapons effectively through simple drills.

•Learn how to defend against chokes, bear hugs, head locks, and maintain balance. Through drills learn proper movement to
maintain control.

•Learn to apply effective come-alongs for easy control in conflict resolutions scenarios.

•Learn applications that can be used in airplanes, schools, bars, on the street or in areas of need.

•Learn take down techniques that are simple and effective.

•Learn self defense procedures against a ground attack, weapon disarming and retention.

•Learn restraining procedures to include NEW handcuff / restraining techniques for optimal control designed for law enforcement professionals.

•Learn how to take break falls for personal protection through simple drills.

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